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Paul Michael Originals

Paul Michael Originals Small Runs and One Offs

We are a one-of-a-kind jewelry making experience. With an exceptionally skilled   in-house staff, Paul Michael Design specializes in custom jewelry. Here, you have a hand in creating your very own masterpiece! Come in and sit down with our CAD designers, and watch your piece come to life before your very eyes. It then goes into production right here in our studio! We either mill it in wax or 3D print it, pour the casting, and then our master bench jewelers finish your item to perfection. 


The Potter Collection


The Star Wars Collection



The Good Doctor Collection


Sci-Fi Collection


Anime and Oddities Collection


The Zelda Collection


Kitty Collection


Poke Collection


The WoW Collection


Fit For A Lord Collection


The Boldly Collection

Skull Diggery Collection

Thrones & Stones Collection

Other Stuff Collection

Dragon Ballz Collection