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Our Artwork And Media Trademarks

Paul Michael Design creates artwork inspired by popular media subject matter. All works are Copyright Paul Bierker 1994-2019. Any use of protected word marks are done purely in fair use scenarios such as  Descriptive Fair Use,  Nominative Fair Use, Parody Fair Use - for descriptive,comparative subject matter and/or to describe the inspiration for the item of artwork. Paul Michael Design in no way claims, represents or warrants ownership of any trademarks, wordmarks or copyright of said media properties.

Paul Michael Design also reserves no rights to said property or trademarks. 

We create inspirational small run Jewelry Art Inspired by our passions.


We ordered the Zora's Sapphire Ladies Ring as well as a custom cobalt steel ring for the groom's ring. The process was easy and they were excellent at working with us to create our vision. The outcome is just spectacular. We love our rings and would highly recommend Paul Michael Design to anyone looking for fun and quality jewelry. The customer service goes above and beyond and the product is everything we wanted.

Allysa C

Looooooove this ring. Constantly get compliments and asked where it came from. Also constantly get exclamations of 'It's REALLY you're wedding ring!?' which is always a laugh, because of course it is!

Mary M.

You guys killed it. It was exactly how imagined it would look only better. The quality blows people away. Everyone notices it and is blown away by it. Most importantly me. Can’t stop staring at it. Thank you for making my wish come true. It’s something I’m gonna treasure for years to come.

Marc R.

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